Making Sapphic hygge since 2015...

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The vision...

Girlpond Productions is the umbrella company for Les Talk! Girlpond Podcast, Girlpond Night Live!, The Girl on Girl Game Show, Sapphic Nights of Hygge & Healing and The Girlpond Shop & Bookshelf. 

GP is the vision of Nikki and Paula Scavo to make Sapphic hygge where ever they go.


It all started when…

she made me laugh.


The GP Gang


Nikki Scavo

Paula Scavo


Soul Reflect
Master of Ceremonies


Micaela Kuehn
Creative Assistant


Turn up the Love...


Mission Statement

To celebrate, showcase, and promote the expressions, endeavors and accomplishments of all women who are dedicated to the pursuit of authenticity in both the private and public spheres, with special interest in women who identify as lesbian.