Les Talk! Girlpond Podcast Episode 22/26

Nikki & Paula are back! Discussing the future possibility of have Paula's mom on the show someday, Hart to Hart and Robert Wagner being a "person of interest" in the death of the very talented, very beautiful Natalie Wood, Winter Olympics- specifically local legend Hannah Brandt, Minnesota Lynx, Mudbound v The Post  -which should win all the Oscars?? Nikki bombs with her story about "The woman who only has sex with ghosts" - Paula thinks that is really gross and is worried that the woman will end up abandoned and lonely. Nikki gives a very good reason for being late for Valentine's Day 2018 dinner, and Nikki admits to crushing on Sandra Locke back in the day. They discuss Paula's powers of persuasion or what Nikki calls "minimalist pouting", what they are watching on TV - Homeland, Motive, Good Behavior - which reminds them of Prime Suspect which starred Helen Mirren - who they concur is timelessly sexy...remember Helen Mirren in Caligula. We are also formally introduced to yours (Shelby), mine (Beatrice) and now...ours - the Scavo's rescue puppy - Prince Harry. 

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