An alternative gift shop featuring local & international merchandise made by woman, lesbian and queer creatives, select must-haves, and vintage sapphic-feminist reads. 

Located inside Z'Amore Vintage
3303 Central Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Hours of Operation

Monday & Tuesday - closed
Wednesday thru Friday - 11 am-7 pm
Saturday - 10 am-7 pm
Sunday - 11 am-5 pm


Not local? Find a collection of GP's Sapphic-Feminist reads in our Etsy shop.

Someone, I tell you, in another time will remember us.
— Sappho, Sweetbitter Love: Poems of Sappho

Psychic Saturdays @ The Girlpond Shop 

GP is excited to have a variety of intuitives available to offer affordable mini-readings and treatments most Saturdays at Z'amore/The Girlpond Shop & Bookshelf. Check the GP calendar to see who will be in the shop on a given Saturday.

Walk-ins welcome or email Nikki at to make an appointment.


A few of our favorite creatives...

Meet Nyaleah Muon.

"My name is Nyaleah Muon and I'm twenty something year old creative small business owner. I am a mother of two kitty cats and lover of books. I am driven and self-empowered women.

I started Brown Sugar by Muon as an expressive entrepreneurial outlet. My etsy shop only sells pin buttons at this moment, but my goal by April 2018 is to add enamel pins and east African bead jewerly. The fun 2.25" pin buttons is just a starter for Brown Sugar by Muon. 

I am a undergraduate student in college pursuing my BA in International Studies and Political Science with a minor in global strategic studies and gender, sexuality and race. Yes, that was a mouthful. On top of school, I also work full time in the financing industry. English isn't my first language, but I was born and raised here in the United States. 

My parents are refugees from Sudan/South Sudan and Ethiopia. They are the reason why I have such a great work ethic and take my education very seriously. Being dependable and well-organized are traits that are very important to me."

GP is thrilled to have discovered Nyaleah's "Brown Sugar by Muon" line of socially and politically expressive pin buttons, and to have the honor of carrying them in the GP Shop! 

Meet Lou Lou of LouLure.

       a delicate divine

     a delicate divine

With so much focus on destruction in our current culture it is important for all of my work to be positive. I paint growth in all of its beauty. It’s important for all of my work to be beautiful. I marvel in the potency of feminine themes for I know first-hand that delicate is not one-dimensional. Feminine is not necessarily female. Gender is a construct. We are always a display. An exhibition of our own unique story. I’m fascinated with your story. Her story. Their story. His story. And so I create and new stories unfold.
-Lou Lou

We can't believe Lou Lou isn't beyond our have the privilege of carrying prints and gift cards bearing the images of her profoundly beautiful and provocative artwork in our humble shop is beyond our comprehension. GP has fantasies of great collaborations in the days and years to come. Stay tuned...